References of our German property buyers

Many buyers recommend the work of German Property Services on Moselle and Rhine, in Eifel and Hunsrueck..

Our buyers appreciate our special service. We take their concerns seriously and find a solution to their wishes and problems. We work in 5 languages and are good at listening. We are open, honest and competent. We accompany our buyers from the first contact until long after their arrival with understanding, patience and empathy. Find out for yourself.

Spacious house for large families or live and work combination

Having retired from my Academy in Australia, after many years, I began investigating the possibility of new adventures in various European countries.

As a newly single retiree, with dual UK and Australian citizenship, I was uncertain about living in a foreign country, having decided that I didn’t want to return to the UK, despite having family there.

I could speak a small amount of school German and French and felt happy about improving those skills.

I followed the advice of a cousin of mine who had set up a company called and looked at the different options in Spain, Italy and France as well as some of the newly developed Eastern European countries. I was daunted by the legal and health complications they presented and thought that it was a step too far on my own at 71 years old.

Just by chance, I came across a German property which connected to the German Property Services website and “Hey Presto!” my life changed overnight. The unique service offered by this company seemed to me the only possible way I would have the courage to take the next step from 12,000 kms away.

I won’t repeat all the same details listed by other referees, as everyone receives the same excellent attention and nothing is left to chance.

All I will add is that I had a serious health issue soon after arrival and they were quick to sort it all out and support me throughout the treatment. It was not part of their brief, but I am hugely grateful to them for extending their personal care to my situation. The German health system is amazing and a huge lesson to Great Britain.

The past four years here have been a very happy experience, giving me the chance to explore parts of Europe easily by car or train and to buy and sell property twice successfully.

Enjoy the views, which are breath-taking in every season!

We found the team at German Property Services very knowledgeable when we were looking to purchase a house in Germany. They knew about the properties, the area, taxes, fees, and would always make sure we were aware on anything we had spoken of. They were more than willing to spend time to make sure we fully understood every detail about the property on question. They are very honest and committed and we would recommend them to anyone who is looking to purchase a home and/or flat in Germany, because they put your needs and benefits first.

Dr. Eid A. - Kuwait