Successfully found: Real estate on Moselle and Rhine, in Eifel and Hunsrueck

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With our help customers have found these properties. They were exactly what they wanted. These are old and new buildings, renovated houses in need of refurbishment, holiday homes and investment properties. We show you these properties to give you suggestions for your own search. They serve as an indication of what type of property we should look for you.

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  • We help you find your dream property.
  • We have houses, apartments and plots on offer, which are only offered by our real estate service on the Moselle and Rhine, in Eifel and Hunsrueck.
  • We know of properties which are not offered openly on the internet.
  •  We cooperate with many other agents in our region.
  • Due to our local knowledge and our extensive experience in the real estate market in our region, we will find the property which meets your expectations.

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