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Buy lucrative commercial properties in the Moselle/Hunsrück area

Are you looking for a commercial property in the Eifel / Hunsrück / Moselle / Rhine region for sale? Then we are the competent partner at your side! We offer a large selection of commercial properties in this attractive region. Benefit from the more than 25 years of experience of our family-run company. Thus, we feel personally connected to our customers with our friendly advice and offer a comprehensive service when buying your commercial property, which goes beyond the conventional activities of a real estate agent. We accompany you throughout the entire purchase process of your suitable commercial property in the Eifel / Hunsrück / Moselle / Rhine area with our extensive service, expertise and qualified advice. Become the owner of your new home with us and browse through all our offers for commercial properties in this region before buying!  The right object for you should be there.

All commercial properties from your region

Find what you are looking for when looking for the perfect commercial property for your purchase in the attractive Eifel / Hunsrück / Moselle / Rhine region in cities such as Zell, Trier, Koblenz, but also in many small idyllic places. Rhineland-Palatinate is one of the most beautiful locations in Germany due to its scenic attractiveness and unique monuments. The majestic castles, award-winning first-class vineyards, wild Hunsrück heights and, as special features, the Eifel maars,which are regarded as a total work of art in nature, attract many visitors and thus guarantee high income for your business – whether hotel or restaurant.

According to your criteria, we want to find THE right commercial property for your purchase.

So we offer everything from the traditional, charming half-timbered house to B&B to possibly still unpolished rough diamonds, which you can design according to your wishes.

Individual advice from the real estate expert

We would like to facilitate your decision when buying the right commercial property for your purposes in Eifel / Hunsrück / Moselle / Rhine and offer our help with any questions and problems in the entire purchase process - also through our numerous contacts to independent financing intermediaries, regional companies and institutions such as .B banks or notaries  as well as  to  a network of craftsmen and competent specialists.

In addition to advising on the purchase of your commercial property for this attractive area Eifel / Hunsrück / Moselle / Rhine, our service also includes comprehensive support with financing - be it through personal advice or by arranging our contacts. It makes sense to consult not only your bank, but also an independent financing agent for the costs – use our expertise in the Eifel / Hunsrück / Moselle / Rhine region when buying the perfect commercial property for your purposes!

For your questions we are always available – please contact us! You can reach us by phone during office hours, by e-mail or via our contact form.

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Located in the southwest of Germany, the state of Rhineland-Palatinate offers one of the most beautiful regions in Germany with its scenic attractiveness and idyllic, rural charms. Feel at home in the Hunsrück heights, the green Mosel valley, the Rhine region, and the impressive Eifel. Whether as a vacationer or owner.

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