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The Eifel phenomenon - the fascinating world of volcanoes

Natural spectacle, motor sports and volcanic land: the Eifel is lively diversity with a pronounced talent for combining. The captivating Eifel-Land with its rugged rock formations in the south, the highest elevation, the Hohe Acht, its twelve maars still filled with water today, in which you can swim in summer ( and its other volcanic and natural landscape features, as a high low mountain range, located in the federal states of Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia, is a natural park worth seeing and quality of life, with equally recommendable and extraordinary cities, communities and villages. The Eifel is part of the Rhenish Slate Mountains and is a valuable UNESCO natural heritage. (

Not only nature lovers get their money's worth in the unique open landscapes and extensive forests of the Eifel. The traces of the Neanderthals, Celts and Romans can be traced to the Eifel to this day and are also a popular destination for cyclists and hikers. The massive volcanic eruptions not only left the maars, over 70 in number, in the area, they also left kilometers of “scars” from lava flows. An impressive natural spectacle that still characterizes the Vulkaneifel today. The volcano park with its nature reserves and the rough rock plateaus offers an opportunity to take a break. In the South Eifel Nature Park in particular, striking sandstone rock formations rise up into the sky. The devil's gorge amazes its viewers in awe.

What the Hunsrücker * in the "Gehaischnis" is to the Eifeler * in the "Jehööschnis". ( A - maybe that - special Eifel feeling that you either naturally put in your cradle or as a holidaymaker in the daffodil blossom and across the juniper heaths to in gets to feel the Eifel winter. Bonus program: When the term “cozy and comfortable” comes to life. The experience can be made, for example, in the contemplative “cloth-making town” of Monschau, which has also become a popular location ( for many films and series. No wonder, the slate-clad house facades, the “Red House” and the “historic mustard mill” make the place a celebrity. Daun, Mendig and Manderscheid are making a name for themselves with their museums on volcanic and geological history.

In addition to other outstanding urban and cultural explorations of beautiful half-timbered houses, old city fortifications, castles and palaces, venture a little deeper into the past and go on a journey through the history of the earth: A carbonated cold water source, as there are hundreds of times in the Eifel , picks you up every 30 minutes in Wallenborn. The "Wallender Born" geyser begins to boil and then shoots up like a fountain like a "wet shot". The Brubbel, Vulkaneifel and Hinterbüsch trails follow the "Brubbel", as the locals call it. Those who like it a little more rocky can take the Geroldsteiner Felsenpfad, one of the more exciting hiking trails. (

A cold beer tastes good not only in Bitburg, but also as a spectator on the Nürburgring. Pure nature for some and Motodrom for others: The Eifel impresses with its wilderness, culture and motorcycle routes.

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