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Mosel — old cultural monuments and unique nature

Wine-romantic program, small Moselle village straight out of a picture book and Roman traces: the Moselle tells about times long gone and constantly reinvents itself. As the second longest tributary of the Rhine, it has its source in the Vosges at the Col de Bussang ( It flows through France and forms a natural border between Luxembourg and Germany. In addition to the popular and well-known Zell an der Mosel, the idyllic Traben-Trarbach and the impressive Moselle loop in Bremm, the lively Bernkastel-Kues and the historic Trier can be called as special cities on the Moselle ( On its meandering river course, the characteristic loop of the Moselle River, your path takes you past breathtaking vineyard slopes and sleepy and lively Moselle villages and throne-enthroned mountain castles until it finally ends at Koblenz at the "Deutsche Eck" in the Middle Rhine.

The romantic Moselle valley is world-renowned. With its river loops, it has dug deep into the slate mountains between the Eifel and Hunsrück. The Moselle not only describes the river but also its award-winning and first-class German wine-growing region popular all over the world, which produces quality wines and makes the hearts of wine connoisseurs beat faster. From the “Kröver Nackarsch” to the “Zeller Schwarzen Katz”: On 91% of the vineyards that the Moselle owes to the Romans, white grape varieties are found, which benefit from the warm Mediterranean Moselle climate and the extraordinary steep and high altitudes. They offer both dizzying vantage points on the high and steep slopes, which are particularly popular with climbers, as well as a low adrenaline view of the leisurely "Moselle terraces", where you can enjoy a glass of Riesling. The “Erdener Treppchen”, a location to the left of the Moselle, grows on a floor made of slate. The "Moselschiefer-Straße", as a historical transport route and common characteristics of origin and trade of this slate across the Moselle to the Lower Rhine, is a common term (

Enjoyment is very important in Mosel. Anyone who comes to the Moselle and visits one of the countless picturesque villages feels "like out of the ordinary". The castles rule in the mountains, the star chefs in the valley. The impression is deceptive: there is also good down-to-earth home cooking, which the neighbors mainly contain because of French influences, on the menus of the Moselle and has the right thing for all tastes and budgets. The "Bremmer Calmont" is considered to be the steepest vineyard in Europe ( and the "Bremmer Moselschleife" is a popular photo opportunity. The shipping route certainly knows how to present itself. The wine festivals in the Moselle villages along their riverbed are legendary. The largest wine festival in the entire region, with over 200,000 visitors annually, takes place in Bernkastel-Kues. In addition to hard work, the Moselans have never forgotten to enjoy life and to celebrate themselves (

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